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Need Goats? Have goats for sale? Breeders are all listed on the Breeder List page, and most all of our breeders sell breeding stock and meat goats on a regular basis. Don't worry if they're not listed on this For Sale page, they still have goats for sale.

However, if you're looking to buy or sell something specific, or would like to get a few breeding goats and meet another breeder in your area (maybe share a transport truck), this is the place.

Ads are for buying and selling purebred Spanish goats only. Buyers seeking to use purebred Spanish in crossbred herds are welcome.

For Sale
Buying goats in the northeast or in the west? Please check out our Wanted section below—we often get requests for ridesharing.

Buying or selling? We're looking for an extremely rare Spanish color pattern that might be sneaking around. Any herd might have one! Please keep your eyes open for the repartida color in your Spanish goats!

West Virginia: 4-year-old Billy $500.00. Proven breeder, brown-eyed, Moorefield line out of Ohio. Horn span 44 inches from tip to tip. Please contact Arlene at 304–286–3576 or
(Posted November 2014)

Oklahoma: 12 top-quality Spanish nannies, Kensing bred, $225 each $165 each. Weinheimer buck, 5 years old, $500. Pleaase contact Dylan Hall at or 918–253–6107 (ranch) or 918–801–6108 (cell).
(Posted December 2014)

Virginia: 5 bucklings for sale. Nice Valera/Baylis lines—great for wet weather! Please contact Kate or Bill at or 276–621–4347.
(Posted December 2014)

Buyers and Sellers: if you're travelling with an empty trailer, you might consider transporting a little hay while you're at it. It might "soften the deal" in your goat transaction! And what a great way to help a neighbor who's been facing drought conditions.

Oklahoma: Goats for sale! Bred does, bucks, doelings and bucklings. Please contact Mike and Tina at 918–448–9643
(Posted January 2015)

Texas (Mountain Home): We have badger-faced black Spanish goats. Our billies were put with the nannies in October, so everything is open for a while. Our price last year was $200 per head for any age including weaned kids, virgin yearlings, and any age up to seven years of annually-producing nannies delivered here on our ranch in Mountain Home, Texas. See photos at We sold out quickly and have not set a price as yet for this fall. Please call Bernard Syfan at 830–739–9615 so we can help you.
(Posted January 2015)

Missouri: Bred Spanish does (Kensing line) for sale three and four year olds - $300 each located in NW Missouri (about an hour north of Kansas City). Please call Jerry at 816–664–3913. Website:
(Posted January 2015)

South Carolina: Baylis/Low Country lines—bred to stand up to WET! 5 bucks between 1 year and 18 months old. Please contact Donna at or 828–329–5350.
(Posted March 2015)

Sonora Texas: Available mid-June 2015—Straight Sawyers! HUNDREDS of doe kids. Billies will be available in August. (Performance tested and untested). Please call Preston Neely at 210–859–4470 or
(Posted March 2015)

California: Ready May 2015 6 doelings, 6 bucklings, Weinheimer line. Please contact Susanna at 805–440–1548 or
(Posted March 2015)

Reminder to buyers: When a goat is removed from its home and herd and shipped to a new farm, it can face a flare-up of worms and coccidia. These should be pretty easy to fix, so don't be alarmed. If you're new to goats, ask your breeder and local Spanish breeders in your area about treatment so you can recognize the signs and be prepared. No biggy, just normal goat stuff.

Idaho: Straight Smoke Ridge buckling for sale. Please contact Judy at K&K Farms
(Posted April 2015)

Virginia: 100% Baylis buck. He turned three in March 2015 and has never needed hoof trimming, and has only been wormed twice. Not closely related to other Baylis goats out there. Please ontact Chris Sztanko at or 540–854–5714 or 571–437–7962.
(Posted April 2015)

Missouri: Kensing/Weinheimer kids ready to go in June 2015! Please contact Vince or Judy at or 816–850–3610 or 816–345–9928.
(Posted April 2015)

Illinois: Now taking deposits on Spanish goat kids. Sawyer billy sire/Weinheimer doe dams. All sorts of colors and patterns. Nice solid looking kids. Doelings—$250, Bucklings—$300, Wethers—$200. They will be ready for pick up mid-May 2015. 50% down will hold the kid/s of your choice. See pictures of the kids and parents on our website: Contact us at or 618–409–7974.
(Posted April 2015)

California: 7 bucklings available May 2015 including one blue roan. From Smoke Ridge buck and approved Spanish Texas does. Contact Diane at 209–8783016 or (cell) 209–484–4388,
(Posted April 2015)

Michigan: 2012 100% Spanish doelings for sale. Smoke Ridge genetics. None have ever been exposed to buck. All mothers have had twins or triplets, excellent maternal instincts. Raised on browse and grass hay, understand guardian dogs and electric netting. Pastured year round. Negotiable price. Contact: Heidi Stucki DVM, Cedar Ponds
(Posted April 2015)

Into conservation? The DEVIL'S RIVER bloodline is currently the most endangered Spanish bloodline!

Virginia: Valera/Smoke Ridge bucklings $300 each. Contact Patti at or 214–914–0323.
(Posted April 2015)

Texas: 3 Syfan bucklings for sale, and 2 Syfan bucks over a year old. Please contact Kevin at or 903–780–0200.
(Posted April 2015)

LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOGS: Oklahoma Spanish goat breeder Joe Benson has Livestock guardian dogs for sale. Pure anatolian, 6 females, 5 males, raised with working parents in Spanish goat pasture. $250 each. Should be ready end of May 2015. Contact or 405–380–7217.
(Posted April 2015)

Texas: Three Kensing does for sale. Please call Jimmy at 325–203–2003 or 254–259–3232, or e-mail
(Posted April 2015)

Texas: Purebred Syfan Spanish males for sale, $300 each. Goldthwaite, Texas 325–938–5192.
(Posted April 2015)

Reminder to buyers: Shipping is pretty stressful for goats and their immune systems. Pregnant and freshly-weaned goats are under extra pressure. Please keep biosecurity in mind. Separating new goats from your herd until they're settled in can help both your new and existing herd.

ILLINOIS HERD DISPERSAL: This is a rare opportunity to get Weinheimer goats from a breeder who puts up with No Nonsense from his goats and keeps a super-tight cull! Paul Miller has 2 Billies and 20 nannies for sale. Please contact him at 217–322–4687 Texas: Straight Kensings from David Whitworth for sale. Yearling billies and nannies. Please call 210–413–9790 or e-mail
(Posted April 2015)

Utah: Doelings, bucklings, and does for sale in UTAH! Smoke ridge line. Please call Bruce Daniel at 435–7812650 or 435–790–9733 OR
(Posted April 2015)

South Carolina: As seen at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, North Carolina! Donna Askew's herd has LOADS of excellent bucklings for sale. Baylis and Low Country lines, built and bred to survive the hot, wet, southeastern USA! Please contact Donna at 828–329–5350
(Posted April 2015)

Oklahoma: Spanish doelings and bucklings! Nice selection of breeding stock 4–6 months old. Also, 2 mature bucks selling for $300 each. Please contact Cindy Haase at 580–326–3779 or 580–271–8727 or
(Posted April 2015)

West Virginia: Four does, ready to go! Please contact Priscilla at 304–947–5229 or Website is
(Posted May 2015)

North Carolina: Holcomb Orchard & Farm in Siler City, NC has 10 Spanish Bucklings for sale. Birth date range from 23 March–26 April 2015. They are growing well and should be weaned by July 2015. Prices range from $195 to $250. Contact me via email for details on bloodlines and/or pictures:


Horns wanted: We got in an e-mail from Sigi Nussbichler in Austria seeking to purchase horns for $80-$100. The picture was pretty interesting. . .
(Posted March 2013)

WANTED: Looking for purebred Spanish with moonspots. Please contact Ken Hatley at 770-358-1300 or
(Posted May 2014)

WANTED:We love spanish goats. We are looking to add 6–8 female spanish goats to our ranch in Ohio. Please contact Hilary at
(Posted October 2014)

WANTED:I'm looking for 10 quality breeding does and one buck from the Koy and/or Syfan bloodlines. Please contact Lorri at 918–696–6088 or
(Posted January 2015)

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