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The Spanish Goat Association does not keep a Herd Registry for individual Spanish goats. The bloodlines and herds that were listed in 2007 were painstakenly approved as 100% Spanish by history, visual evaluations, and the trusted "word," and reputation of the breeder. Over these last ten years we continued this policy. Receiving calls from breeders wanting to be listed, and then calling the Selling breeder to verify the purchase. We saw no need for a registry and quite frankly, did not want one. We trusted the merrits of our Spanish goats would speak for themselves, and we did not want the politics and price gouching. At that time what we had was a group of really nice breeders who know who's who with Spanish goats, and who are very dedicated to preserving the breed.

Since 2007, the Spanish breeder/herd population has quadrupled. The word is out! All sorts of meat producers have discovered the merrits of the 100% Spanish goat. This popularity has also brought a slew of issues. It is harder and harder to catch up with selling breeders to verify their sales. Often times buyers don't have a bill of sale, and we cannot determine where the goats came from, and if they are culls from the sale barn or aution houses. And finally, there are so many breeders crossing Spanish in with their other breeds, percentage Spanish are being sold as 100% Spanish. We have come to the cross roads of a Herd Registration and an Individual goat registration for those that want it. There are companies out that there that make it a business of registering goats without the necessary verification process to ensure the genetics are 100% Spanish. We have taken it upon ourselves to create a sister Society "Spanish Goat Conservation Society," to address our issues and provide a registry for those folks who want "paper" on individual goats; and to ensure the "paper" means something! If you want to Register Spanish Goats please go to:

Spanish Goat Conservation Society :

As far as Spanish Goat Association is concerned, we will revamp our policies and procedures for adding breeders to our list in order to ensure the integrity of our Breeder List. This will result in an "overall" herd registry and any of the goats from these herds with a Breeder/Herd ID may be registered individually with Spanish Goat Conservation Society. MOST IMPORTANT are the diverse genetics found within the ranches and the bloodlines of the Spanish goat community. In no way do we want to diminish the possibilities, or limit the "RANGE/PASTURE breeding" of Spanish Goats. These goats have been breeding without us for hundreds of years and they will continue to do so if we stay out of the way! We appreciate all of the 100% Spanish goat breeders and joyfully provide the Spanish Goat Association as a resource to both the buyer and the seller of our treasured Spanish goats!

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